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Name : Rujani's IndyBorn 30-08-2017Ras PersColor Black tabby white Van

MaleIC Caprimoon GuccianoBorn 26-08-2014Color Blue white Harlequin

FemaleIC Rujani's ShakiraBorn 19-05-2014Color Black tortie tabby mackerel white

IC & cfa ch Caprimoon MarvinRed white

IC & cfa ch Bolo's Samantha of Caprimoon Blue white

GIC T'pau's Herr CoolesBlack-White

CH Tutti frutti v/h BuysegatBlack Tortie Tabby blotched white

ic & cfa gc Inthewind welligton of Caprimoon Blue white harlequin

ch Parti Wai Crystal Rose of Caprimoon Black tortie white

ic & cfa gc Fanci fx Oskar mayer of Tehy Black tabby Mackerel

ch Purrmunn Dennise of Boloblack tortie white

Cacao Wanna B A star of Inthewind Blue white

Budmar,s jordan Blue white

Inthewind Dreams R made of This Blue white

Parti Wai Mirror Image black tortie white

Fanci FX Tequila Sunrise red tabby mackerel

Tehy stars N Stripes of fanci FXblack tabby white

Purrmunn,s Bruno White orange eyed

Pizzacata Moonshadow Black White

Miramacats Gentlegrand of T'Paucream white

T'Pau's Zsa Zsa Black tortie white

Quartet Huckleberry Black tabby white

Lollipop v/h Buysegat Black tortie white

Miramacats Sensation Red white

Validian Flirt of Miramacats White Orange eyed

T'Pau's Ontario Blue White

Miramacats Evita of NaaaancatsRed white

Ocalicos Kudos Black tabby mackerel white

Carinos Hermione Blue tabby white

My Fullmoon's little miracleCream white harlequin

El Sahib's TabeeBlack tortie tabby Blotched white